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I guess I'm lucky that I'm only feeding one person, because groceries sure are getting expensive. But there was an article in the Globe last week that mentioned that since lobster is a luxury-type food, demand is down - everyone needs their bread and milk and OJ.

Last year at this time, Boston-area lobstermen were getting $5 to $5.25 per pound, according to the Massachusetts Lobstermen's Association. This year they're getting only $4.50 a pound. That's translating to lower retail prices.

The harvest has been plentiful, yet demand has declined, say those in the industry. Consumers view lobster as a splurge, and with money tight, it's not a priority on the shopping list.

I haven't shopped for lobster to cook at home in a while, but I will be on the lookout once I have a free weekend to do some cooking. I'll be spending the weekend at a lakehouse in New Hampshire, so maybe we can pick some up there and bbq.

Just be wary of the tomalley (here). Wouldn't want you to get sick, even if you got a good deal on the lobster. The medical bills would make it not worth it.

Homemade lobster mac & cheese ... sooo good ... and much cheaper than it costs in a restaurant.

Click (here) to read the article.

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