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Looks like I completely missed a movie that was filmed in Boston. Although IMDB says it was filmed in 2007, so if it was filmed during the first half of the year, I hadn't started this blog yet - so it's not my fault. =)

Coming out in September is a movie called Everybody Wants to Be Italian - I just happened across the trailer on the Apple website and it the entire trailer screamed Boston (The North End to be exact).

Here are a few of the things I recognized: Cafe Vittoria, one of the Churches, Mike's Pastry, the esplanade. The whole trailer is like walking through the North End - it's pretty fun to watch. Lots of scenes with the characters wearing Red Sox gear. I'm sure you guys can identify more of the scenes than I can.

Here's the youtube version of the trailer below:

There's a better resolution version on the movie's official site (here) - which uses the Boston skyline as their background.

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