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Wifi on MBTA Commuter Boat

7/02/2008 10:22:00 AM
Most of you that this applies to probably already know this just by seeing people on the boats with their laptops and, and for those of you that don't - you'll probably never ride a commuter boat. But in case there's anyone that was missed - here's the scoop.

Starting last week, the MBTA commuter boats started offering wifi onboard.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority said Tuesday it has added wireless Internet access to its 11 commuter boats. Riders can use laptop computers and other devices to access the Internet for free via Wi-Fi connections.

About 4,500 customers commute each weekday on MBTA boats. The vessels travel from Quincy, Hull and Hingham to various waterfront locations in downtown Boston and to Logan International Airport.

Anyone out there take the commuter boats? How long is the boat ride in? Has it helped you out to have wifi on board? I can imagine if its a slightly longer ride - at least 30 minutes or so - that it would be nice to be able to get on in the morning and read some news.

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

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