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I read a disturbing article today involving the whole Red Sox - Yankees rivalry. I am all for supporting your home team, but not to the extent that some folks have been taking it. It's already upsetting when our home teams win and fans decide to vandalize storefronts and destroy property. But this takes it to the next level.

A Cape Cod man faces charges for allegedly beating another man with a baseball bat because he thought he was a New York Yankees fan.

Police say Saturday night's alleged incident occurred when Correia and others spotted a car with New York license plates leaving Falmouth's fireworks display.

The group accused the man, whose children were in the car, of being a Yankees fan, then beat him and vandalized his car. The man, whose name was not released, was treated at Falmouth Hospital with non-life threatening injuries to his head and body.

There aren't very many details in the article, but from the way it's written it sounds like this guy got an unprovoked beating. And to make things worse, it was in front of his kids. That must have been a horrifying experience for those children.

All this based on a license plate? Remind me never to drive into NYC with my MA plates in case someone decides to retaliate.

Click (here) for the article.

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1 Response to "Taking Sports Rivalry A Little Too Far"

  1. Dan Dan Said,

    Wow, that's just crazy. Two thoughts:

    First, I can guarantee alcohol was involved.

    Second, I wonder if these actions are considered hate crimes. That'd be interesting...

    Posted on 7/8/08, 9:01 AM


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