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This was bound to happen after Starbucks announced that they were closing 600 locations (here). People don't mind that Starbucks is closing locations until they find out it's THEIR location. Then, it's personal.

Change is brewing in Newton. And resident Denis Goodwin is boiling mad. Last week, Goodwin created an online petition to protest the closing of the Starbucks at 70 Union St. As of late yesterday, nearly 100 people had offered support at

Goodwin, who visits the Union Street shop about five times a week, said he hopes to persuade the company to instead close the more generic "McStarbucks" nearby at 1269 Centre St.

I'm sure Starbucks had some consulting firm come in with a fancy formula to analyze revenues per store in relation to overhead and this store didn't make the cut. I don't think it was personal, just business.

Here's something kinda funny. Look at petition signer 80 on the site. I like how she says "MEDIA INQUIRY, not signature."

Click (here) to read the Globe article.

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