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More Updates on Four Single Fathers

7/15/2008 01:02:00 AM
This just in from Bloggery reader who I'm going to keep anonymous in case spilling the beans gets him in trouble with the movie folks.

Yes the movie is in production, I have a part in the film, its filming on berkeley st off of columbus ave in the south end, the story is about four italian fathers that find hardship being married to american women, the scene is based in new york city, the director is Andre Padres, they will continue filming on berkeley until the 17th, there are other scenes to be filmed in west roxbury, it's an indy film with no distribution! there plans are to submit it to sun dance film festival, its a 3 million dollar budget with not so famous actors, some of them play good roles in Hollywood movies but not the lead roll so I would say its a B rated film that can easily become a block buster hit! Ive worked on other films and this one is very good compared to bachelor 2 starring Dane Cook.

There you have it folks - they'll be filming at the intersection of Berkeley and Columbus for the next few days. Go check it out and let me know what you think.

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