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Mel Gibson Gets The Cold Shoulder

7/21/2008 11:56:00 AM
Sorry for the late posts. I'm currently suffering from a serious case of the Mondays. Work is crazy busy and I'm exhausted from the weekend (at least it was a fun weekend).

So as reported earlier (here), Mel Gibson is going to be filming a movie called "Edge of Darkness" starting sometime in August. Well, August is just around the corner so I guess they' started scouting for locations to film. The owners of a building in Roslindale have declined a bid to use their building in the film. Why? Because they're pissed off at Mel Gibson.

They're upset about an anti-Semitic comment Mel made to the police officer who arrested him for DUI near his Malibu home.

The couple isn't talking about the contretemps with Mel, but their nephew Brian Keaney, who blogs at, is. Keaney told us his aunt and uncle were initially excited when Hollywood came calling. "Until they found out Mel Gibson was involved," said Keaney. "The whole family's very proud of them for standing up to [Gibson]. You can't make comments like that and get away with it."

Click (here) to read the rest of the blurb.

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3 Response to "Mel Gibson Gets The Cold Shoulder"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Standing up to Gibson by doing what, exactly? Shooting themselves in the foot? Gibson isn't even directing this movie. All they succeeded in doing is losing out on what was probably a considerable amount of money. Not to worry. They'll find another location and someone else will cash in on the offer.

    Posted on 7/21/08, 3:41 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Boycotting the movie seems like a pretty selfish act to me. A movie being filmed in a local neighborhood representing our community is a big deal and these owners chased them away because of what Mel Gibson said on a drunken binder? I fail to see how not letting Mel Gibson film here proves anything at all other then how stupid these owners are. They seem to care what Mel Gibson thinks way to much.

    Posted on 8/2/08, 7:20 AM

  3. Britt Said,

    they're using my lawn for propssssssssssss

    Posted on 10/23/08, 10:38 PM


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