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Join the Boston, MA Lively Room

7/10/2008 12:13:00 AM
So for those of you that haven't heard about it yet, Google has launched a new avatar based 3D social networking / chatting thingy called "Lively."

I never tried Second Life, but I figured, hey it's from Google and it's free - why not check it out? So, I've launched a Boston, MA chatroom for readers of the Beantown Bloggery and any other folks in the area that want to wander around, kill some time, make some new friends, or perhaps argue about how we should be able to rent dogs if we want to.

I'm still away on business right now, so I haven't had too much time to play around with the program, but there's a screenshot of the "Boston, MA" coffee shop - with me standing in it. I always told my friends that I wanted a Central Perk (the coffee shop in Friends) where we could hang out. It never happened, so I guess I"ll have to settle for an online version.

I have the settings set to allow anyone to add/move furniture and what not. So those of you who are interested and have some free time - get decorating. As you can see all I have right now is that one black couch on the 2nd floor. I'll keep it open to everyone to modify unless things start getting out of hand. Then I'll hafta lock it down like I did the comments on this page (stupid spammers).

Click (here) to join the room after you've installed Lively.

Click (here) to download Lively.

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1 Response to "Join the Boston, MA Lively Room"

  1. Robert Said,

    Oh gross! They don't support Mac's nor Linux. Sigh...
    By the way, thanks for the blog, I follow it with an RSS reader :)

    Posted on 7/10/08, 8:33 AM


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