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I thought I'd give everyone an update on my Low Car Diet. I applied back in June (here) and found out recently that I was approved. Woohoo!

So far, only the zipcar card has shown up. There is a kick off event coming up this Monday 7/21 but unfortunately I can't go (that pesky day job again - ruining all my fun). As part of the low car diet they're giving away a bunch of awesome schwag as well at the kick off. Here's an excerpt from the latest email:

We're going to hook you up with some Charlie Card credit to scoot around the city and out of traffic. Vitamin water to keep you hydrated on your travels. Once you get your metabolism pumped and the fitness bug hits you, make a trip over to Equinox Fitness in Back Bay to get a free one week experience at their premium health club. When you have some down time, walk or T it over to the New England Aquarium with your free pass. Got the mojo for some social sporting? Then the Boston Ski Sports Clubs free membership and Clif Bar will keep your energy up when living 'la vie sportive.' And if you want to hop into a Zipcar, use that $100 in driving time to convey you over to Whole Foods and use their $25 gift card and take your haul home in a cool reusable shopping tote.

So I actually did spend some time thinking about what driving I could cut out. Here's the top few that I can definitely stop driving to and take the T or walk instead:

1. Cambridgeside Galleria
2. My friend dwillen's house.
3. Grocery Store (I'm going to T it over to the Prudential Center one)
4. Trader Joes (Goto the one on Boylston instead of the one on Mem Drive)

And the one place that I will still have to drive to and hence will use the Zipcar:

1. Costco (I love me some Costco)

I exchanged a couple of emails with the Zipcar Boston folks and they've agreed to mail me all the stuff from the kick-off event since I won't be able to pick it up in person. woot.

I'll post a review later on of my first Zipcar experience once I get a chance to test it out.

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1 Response to "I Was Approved For Zipcar's Low Car Diet"

  1. Will Said,

    Whooo hoo I got the card too!

    Posted on 7/21/08, 2:21 PM


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