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Ever wonder how much those special "VIPs" make when they make a stop off at one of our Boston nightclubs? Well the Globe had an article recently on Brody Jenner and, yes, they confirmed he makes more than you and me combined and then multiplied by ten.

If you'll recall, he was at the Estate in January (here) and then the grand opening of the Marina Beach Club (here). I don't think he showed up to the casting call for his new show "Bromance" (that's a vomit-inducing title by-the-way) (here). But it's safe to say he's been here a fair number of times.

The Marina Bay Beach Club management won't disclose exactly how much they're paying Jenner to be here, but they admit it's in the neighborhood of $20,000 for two hours.

That's right folks, $10K an hour to stand around in a VIP booth and drink.

I ask him if he has spent much time in Boston, and Jenner says that his half-sister (not to be confused with his step-sister Kim Kardashian, a fellow reality star ) and her husband live nearby, so he has been to the area a few times.

Sounds like a pretty nice life. Fly to Boston, go to a party, earn $20K, and then potentially visit your half-sister - all in a weekend's work I'd say.

Here's my favorite part of the article:

"All I want are two fatties and hotties. I want hotties and I want two fatties," he says. "You can't have all pretty people up here, you know what I mean?" The bouncer nods.

All pretty people and then two fat ones. That's one hilarious mental image I have right now.

Click (here) for the Globe article.

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