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The Globe Interviews Ben Kingsley

7/08/2008 02:04:00 AM
Like I blogged about earlier, Ben Kingsley is in town for Ashecliffe and is staying at the Ritz (here). Well the Globe got a chance to interview him, which made for a great read.

Also, it appears that "Ashecliffe" will be renamed "Shutter Island" after it gets done.

For months Kingsley has been in town shooting "Shutter Island," the new Martin Scorsese thriller that we're supposed to call "Ashecliffe" until it's released next year. And he spent a day off regaling a stranger with tales of whatever he fancied (the great directors he's worked with, his new wife, his great health and deep happiness) - although he was professionally obliged to fancy talking about "The Wackness," a sort of buddy comedy written and directed by Jonathan Levine that opens in Boston Friday.

Click (here) to read the rest of the interview. I watched Sexy Beast many years ago and didn't think too much of it. But after reading the interview - it makes me want to dig up the DVD and watch it again.

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