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Gisele Has A Blog?

7/03/2008 10:50:00 AM
According to the Globe today, Gisele has a blog. A blog about environmental issues. I checked it out myself and it looks like yes, she has a blog - a blog mostly written by other people. It looks like there's five other writers that are writing articles for her on the blog.

Overall, the blog isn't very interesting. Here's what the Globe had to say:

Gisele is apparently all about the chatter, blowing virtual kisses to her readers and thanking "our young columnists who prove that young people. . . have enough energy to change things."

The Brazilian bombshell has launched a "green" blog, where she opines on everything from sustainable catwalks (after strutting for Brazilian designer Colcci a few weeks ago at Sao Paulo Fashion Week, she gushed over the recycled cardboard walls and biodiesel-powered generators) to her pet project, water conservation.

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

Click (here) to go to Gisele's blog.

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