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Almost 300 extras and actors - joined by five articulated dummies - took turns playing dead on the Water Street sidewalk Sunday, as "The Surrogates" wrapped up a "climactic moment in the movie," spokesman Ernie Malik said. "They were crashing cars and there were dead bodies in the street. It's really the end of the movie. . . . It's hard to describe it without giving anything away." Action star Bruce Willis was not on set Sunday, but he did film a scene, in which he's seen leaving a hospital, on Franklin Street with costar (and FBI partner) Radha Mitchell Saturday.

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1 Response to "1000 Words - The Surrogates on Water Street"

  1. Suzanne Said,

    Greetings from Worcester--
    I have to say that I WAS so excited to have The Surrogates filming in Worcester. The crew and support staff were awesome! It was so cool to have the filming taking place in my backyard. However, I was very disappointed in Bruce Willis' personal staff; specifically his trainer. On the last day of filming in Worcester (5/22/2008), I gave Gunner a DVD of THE FIFTH ELEMENT in a postage paid mailing envelope with the request that he ask Bruce to sign it for my son. Gunner said he would mail it back to me (even if he could not get it signed). it is, 7/15/2008 and I have STILL not received the DVD--signed or unsigned. Personally, I will NOT be running out to see this movie--no matter how close to home it was filmed!!

    Posted on 7/16/08, 8:12 PM


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