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I wrote a post last week about the gentrification of Downtown Crossing (here). One reader wasn't too keen on my use of the term "gentrification" so I thumbed through the sparse little thesaurus that is my mind and decided upon a new term - "Revitalization." Better?

The New Downtown Crossing Logo

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5 Response to "1000 Words - New Downtown Crossing Logo"

  1. Kayleigh Said,

    love it!

    Although since I complained last week I've walked through dtx several times and have been reminded of all the great shops along Bromfield and the other back streets. If those shops start to go under, I'll be using the G word myself. But for now I'm still optimistic. Revitalization it is!

    Posted on 7/16/08, 9:34 AM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    The big question is WHERE WILL THE CURENT PUSHCART OWNERS GO? Also what is a BID and why is it so important to the BRA and DCP?

    Posted on 7/17/08, 12:19 AM

  3. Rob Said,

    Do you know who designed the logo?

    Posted on 7/17/08, 10:12 AM

  4. Unknown Said,

    160over90 designed the logo.

    Posted on 7/25/08, 1:24 AM

  5. Rob Said,

    Interesting. A Philly firm.

    Posted on 7/29/08, 2:11 PM


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