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I went to Shino Express on Newbury (more about them another day) for dinner on Saturday and happened to walk past the True Religion storefront (here) and noticed that people were inside. The BBJ confirmed it, True Religion is finally open.

True Religion Apparel Inc. opened its first store in New England in the Back Bay. The 1,984-square-foot store, which opened Thursday, is located at 119 Newbury St. It will carry the True Religion collection for men, women and kids, as well as a full range of licensed products, such as footwear, swimwear, headwear and handbags.

Click (here) to goto the BBJ blurb.

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2 Response to "True Religion Store Now Open on Newbury"

  1. Will Said,

    I'd rather wear apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur.

    Posted on 6/17/08, 3:47 PM

  2. wildstar Said,

    Aren't they like 2 years too late?

    Posted on 6/17/08, 4:38 PM


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