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I'd never heard of Thrillist before until I just received an email about their upcoming launch in Boston. Excellent, another resource to read up on stuff to do in Boston. It seems a little gender biased though - apparently it's just for guys. But then again, I think Daily Candy is geared towards women, but I read it anyway.

The men’s email lifestyle guide Thrillist is set to launch a daily Boston edition. The free subscription email service, edited by veteran Boston writer Kevin Alexander, will launch on June 19, 2008 and target young, successful guys in Boston and its surrounding areas. This latest addition marks Thrillist’s seventh edition nationwide.

Even in a first-rate burg like Boston, the boldest men can still fall into a rut: drinking in the same Boylston Street bars, drinking in the same Boylston Street bars ... Here to save you from this fate:, which in a few short weeks will arrive in Boston to take Beantown by its handsome genitals.

I'm young and semi-successful (at least that's what I tell myself) so I guess I'm the target. So, I signed up and am interested to see what Thrillist has to offer.

Click (here) to sign up for yourself.

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