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Steve Carell In Boston Last Night

6/20/2008 10:27:00 AM
Despite all the newspapers and news websites I read each day, I figure I still miss about 90% of what's going on in Boston. Apparently, Steve Carell was in town last night for a fundraiser and screening of his new movie "Get Smart."

Concord native Steve Carell returned to town last night, hosting a special screening of "Get Smart" at the Citi Performing Arts Center. The event was a fund-raiser for the Zachary Carson Brain Tumor Fund at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Any high rollers out there that can shed some light on how you get invited to these events? Although I suppose even if I did get an invitation, I probably wouldn't be able to afford to go.

At a reception before the movie, guests bid to have the actor's "Office" character, Michael Scott, provide the message on their answering machine. And one big spender bid $42,000 to drop by the "Office" set. With ticket prices ranging from $100 to $500, last night's event was a big moneymaker for Carson's cause, raising more than $400,000.

Click (here) to read the rest of the Globe blurb.

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1 Response to "Steve Carell In Boston Last Night"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Get Smart looks okay over all, though Steve Carell seems to be veering more and more toward not so funny slapstick humor

    Posted on 7/10/08, 5:16 AM


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