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Funny story for you. About a year or two ago, I was in Hong Kong on business and was shopping for gifts to bring back for folks. I decided to get my girlfriend some stuff from Shu Uemura because there wasn't a store in Boston.

I hand carried that makeup all the way back from Asia, returned to Boston, returned to work on Monday, and cracked open one of those free magazines (probably Improper Bostonian) and guess what I saw - a blurb on how Shu Uemura was opening a store on Newbury St. I think there's still a dent in the wall of my office from where I was banging my head against it that day. Anyhoo back to the topic at hand:

In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the first shu uemura boutique opening in Tokyo, the shu uemura Boston boutique invites one and all to experience our legendary Tokyo Lash Bar, with complimentary eyelashes and lash application, every Thursday, beginning June 19th through July 31st, from 5 to 7 PM. Customers must call ahead to make their appointments for their personal shu uemura lash styling.

The summer celebration will kick off with a cocktail reception and shu uemura retrospective on June 18, 2008, from 6pm to 9pm. Guests can make their first appointments for complimentary eyelashes and lash application, and view a visual retrospective of the rich history and milestones of shu uemura. Guests will also have the opportunity to enter a raffle to win a Tokyo Lash Box filled with shu uemura products, valued at $500.

Call to book your appointment or RSVP for the cocktail reception: (617) 247-3500

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