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There was a very interesting article in the Sunday Globe about Patte Papa, the director of the Boston Film Office. In a nutshell, she controls the movie industry in Boston. If you don't have a permit from Papa, you're not going to film. Here are a few choice quotes from the article:

Already in 2008, seven major motion pictures have been shot in the city, compared with eight in all of 2007.

In April, "Bride Wars" ran over its permit on the first night of shooting on Newbury Street by two hours; the following night it ran even later, prompting police Sergeant Mike O'Connor, the film liaison, to shut down the film for the night. A week later, "Bride Wars" asked to shoot a second day at a location without the legally required notice to neighbors. Papa said no, and the film had to shoot another location where the permits were in order.

"Ashecliffe," the thriller Martin Scorcese is currently directing, earlier this year failed to apply for welding sets in a Hyde Park warehouse. A building inspector and a fire chief discovered the fire code violations on a March visit to the set and ordered Paramount to hire a fire detail and comply with the city's stringent code. But the studio balked at the fire detail, Papa says, and next she got a call from a Boston city councilor who had been asked by the studio to try to intervene on its behalf. Papa says the councilor did not press the case when he heard the details, and the city did not relent.

That last one is my favorite. Paramount pictures makes calls to their connections in the city council. But even the city councilman can't sway the decision. Follow the rules folks.

Click (here) to read the rest of the article.

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