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Now Cape Cod Smells Too??

6/13/2008 07:00:00 AM
Remember how last week, we were told about how the downtown area (near James Hook) has been plagued with the stench of rotting lobster (here)? And then separately we were told that the Cape is going to be pestered this year by the emergence of the cicadas (here)?

Well, it gets worse. I read today that some sort of strange "weather phenomenon" on the Cape is causing it to smell bad there as well.

A smell described as burning rubber, burning car brakes or melting plastic was reported Tuesday to fire departments from Bourne to Eastham.

Possible sources of the smells are residues from brush fires in North Carolina or pollution from New York City.

Click (here) to read the blurb that explains how the "temperature inversion" phenomenon somehow managed to trap stinky air from as far away as North Carolina or NYC on the Cape.

At least it hasn't started raining frogs yet.

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