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Well this can't be a good sign. You know that new Regent Hotel and Condos that's being built on Battery Wharf? Apparently it's not a Regent Hotel anymore.

Regent's departure not only leaves Battery Wharf without a signature operator for its 150-room hotel, but the developers have also lost their provider of top-shelf concierge services to the buyers of the multi-million-dollar condominium units in the building. Without Regent, Battery Wharf may have trouble selling its remaining units, priced from $1 million to $4 million.

In a joint statement, Regent and Battery Wharf said they have "entered into discussions to terminate" their agreement, and blamed "philosophical differences on strategies for the project." Regent spokesman Thomas Polski, declined to comment further.

Philosophical differences? That's like when celebrities get divorced and cite "irreconcilable differences." Very, very vague.

So as I was typing this, I was trying to think about who could swoop in and take over. We've already got a Ritz, Four Seasons, Taj, Intercontinental. They're already building a new W Hotel. What's left? I think Donald Trump should swoop in and turn it into a Trump Hotel. Just a suggestion.

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