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This one got lost in the mix, but I just found it, so it's being posted now. I haven't heard too much lately on the filming of Ashecliffe but it must still be going on seeing as how Leonardo DiCaprio is still around (as of last week). Here's a little blurb about him and his girlfriend from last week.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli were spotted dining at KO Prime Tuesday night. DiCaprio, in town to shoot "Ashecliffe" with director Martin Scorsese, reportedly shared oysters, chopped salad, T-bone steaks, and a glass of wine with his main squeeze at the trendy Tremont Street steakhouse.

Man, I just missed them by a matter of days. I was at KO Prime about four days before Leo and Bar were there (here). Doh.

Oh well, I did see him that one time back in March when he was checking into the Ritz (here).

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

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