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LA Lakers Staying at Four Seasons?

6/05/2008 09:57:00 AM
Just a heads up, I was walking home from work around 5:30pm last night and as I walked past the Four Seasons, I saw the tallest group of people I've ever seen walking towards me (probably 4 or 5 guys) - all wearing LA Lakers gear. Unfortunately, I had my hands full so I couldn't snap a picture.

So I'm assuming that the Lakers had arrived earlier in the afternoon and were walking around town and just then returning to their hotel. I didn't turn around and actually watch them enter the Four Seasons there's a remote chance they're not staying there and were just walking past. Can any readers out there confirm?

Usually what happens is, around 5-6pm, a line will form outside of the hotel with guys holding basketballs and other memorabilia that they want signed. Then a big tour bus will pull up front. And at some point, the players will come out of the hotel and get on the bus to head to TD Banknorth. Some will stop to give a few autographs.

Game 1 tonight kicks off tonight at 9pm. Go Celtics!

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1 Response to "LA Lakers Staying at Four Seasons?"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    the lakers always stay at the four seasons. they did the same last year too.

    Posted on 6/5/08, 1:32 PM


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