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I was busy packing this weekend so I didn't get a chance to wander down to confirm this, but maybe someone downtown or someone working at the Intercontinental can confirm if this is still a problem.

Everyone I'm sure is already aware that James Hook Company, the lobster supplier, burned down last week (here). Subsequent news confirmed that along with the building, sixty thousand pounds of lobster was lost. Now, that lobster is rotting away creating a horrible stench as of last Friday.

That stench is from decaying seafood, emanating from a block away where workers wearing respirators and protective rain gear continue to clean up what's left of the James Hook facility. James Hook & Company, a longtime family-owned lobster company, suffered a seven-alarm fire that razed the wood buildings and sent thousands of pounds of lobster, shellfish and fish into the Fort Point Channel a week ago Friday.

G-J Towing Inc. is trying to temper that charm. On Monday the Revere, Mass., company, which is doing the demolition and removal of the debris, started using layers of chemicals and plastic bags in its dumpsters to combat the smell. "It would be 100 percent worse if we didn't," said project manager James Morando, standing outside the fenced-in demolition site. Temperatures are supposed to reach into the 90s this weekend, threatening an even stronger stench.

It's been really warm these last few days. hope they were able to get rid of the smell for the sake of all the folks living and working in that area.

Click (here) to read the BBJ article.

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2 Response to "James Hook and Surrounding Area Is Smelly"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I walked by there after work last Tuesday on my way to the BofA Pavilion, and it stunk then. You could already smell the rotten lobster; I can only imagine what it's like a week later and with this heat.

    Posted on 6/10/08, 8:35 AM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    It was bad last Friday. It still stinks a little bit, but way less then it did couple days ago (I drive there every day)

    Posted on 6/10/08, 11:21 AM


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