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This was all over the news yesterday in both Boston and NYC. Fung Wah - one of the "chinatown bus" companies was involved in an accident yesterday in NYC that resulted in one person's death. The accident was not their fault, but will probably still prove to be bad PR for them.

A dump truck hit a parked Fung Wah bus in New York yesterday morning, creating a chain reaction that left one pedestrian dead and six others injured, police said.

Lai Ho, 57, of Brooklyn was among several people waiting to cross the street when the accident happened. A sign attached to a light pole fell as a result of the crash, hitting Ho, Diaz said. She was taken to Beekman Hospital, where she was pronounced dead from a heart attack, Diaz said.

I suppose this is why Boston doesn't allow buses to pickup and drop off in the middle of the street (the chinatown buses used to do that here, but have since moved to the South Station bus terminal)

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1 Response to "Fung Wah Bus Hit By Truck - 1 Person Dies"

  1. JJ Said,

    This is terrible news. I was just on the chinatown bus on Sunday.....


    Whenever we cross the Manhattan bridge, i think, this is soooo darn close to the edge. But i guess it doesn't stop me from riding it every time.

    Posted on 6/24/08, 2:47 PM


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