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About six months ago, Zipcar had a promotion for a one year membership for free. I passed because I already have a car so I didn't see a need to join even if it was free. This new promotion though - the low car diet - hooked me.

Here's how it works. You agree to keep your car keys in your junk drawer for just one month, from July 21st through August 15th. In return, you get a loaded public transit pass, a free 1-year Zipcar membership, some driving time and more goodies that we'll tell you about a little later.

The free credit is what got me. This way I can try Zipcar absolutely free. Maybe one day I will make the switch. Here's what the screen showed up after I signed up.

Group: Low Car Diet 2008 - Boston Thanks for participating in the Zipcar Low-Car Diet! As part of the program you are entitled to a FREE 1-year Zipcar membership + $100 in FREE driving credit for the month. Please proceed and fill out the member application to get your very own Zipcard. No deposit. No monthly commitment.

This actually works out really well because the garage I currently park in has a couple of Zipcars in it. This way, I can walk to the same garage and just grab a Zipcar instead of my own. Free car, free gas, w00t w00t.

Also, I really want to try driving a Prius and see what all the hooplah is about. Would also be nice to drive that BMW zipcar I saw at the garage - I've never driven one before.

Click (here) to sign up for yourself.

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2 Response to "Free Zipcar Membership and $100 Credit"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Make sure you insurance coverage is at the proper levels.

    Zipcar tries to downplay this, but their “extensive insurance” is actually the bare minimum the state provides. It’s worthless, and if you get into an accident the medical coverage is almost nonexistent, and the damage coverage is paltry. A quick Google will produce hundreds of horror storys of customers who thought they would be covered in the case of an accident, only to have to shell out thousands of dollars, or worse.

    Since you have a car, your current insurance will cover it, like a rental. But a lot of people are hopping on this clicky bandwagon thinking they don’t need a car, and that zipcar protects them in the case of an accident, but it’s simply not true.

    Zip car only really makes sense if your already willing to make high car loan payments, then it’s a sweet deal. But tack on supplemental insurance, and the cost of zipcar is directly competitive with what I pay for running my used civic.

    Posted on 6/20/08, 8:59 AM

  2. Unknown Said,

    this as positive and not negative, plus i think you CAN have extra coverage with your own insurance company... after all most of us hate to pay for insurance..i my self would rater risk it and pay eventual damages out of my own pocket, and 20 years of driving effeminately reached me that for it would be better

    Posted on 8/25/08, 2:42 PM


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