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Fenway Food Probably Dirty

6/18/2008 06:51:00 AM
How clean do you think that hot dog is that you're eating when you're sitting at Fenway cheering on the Red Sox? I didn't find this article too surprising, but it's still gross to read about it.

The food stands at Fenway failed city inspections a couple of times in April until they finally passed almost a month and a half later on May 16th. What did inspectors find? Stop reading if you've just eaten - I don't want it coming back up:

In the initial visit, on April 1, inspectors found sausages thawing in stagnant water, employees handling raw burgers without changing their gloves, and rodent droppings underneath service counters, city records show.

One vendor was cited for a "black moldlike substance" on the inside of a refrigerator, soiled frialator cabinets," "rodent droppings throughout the stand," and a sink that was not set up to wash, rinse, and sanitize. Another was ordered to "remove foul odor from stand" and to "clean drains to remove odor."

Yum ... black mold-like substances ... delicious. Then again, I eat several meals a week in chinatown which I'm guessing isn't that much cleaner. I know we all love our "Dirty Water" (here) but it'd probably be better if our Fenway Franks weren't steeping in it.

Click (here) to read the rest of the article.

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