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Congratulations to Miss Alicia Zitka who won the Miss Massachusetts pageant this past weekend.

Miss Zitka beat out 18 other contestants to earn the crown during the pageant at Bristol Community College, where she performed a contemporary lyrical dance as her talent and won a preliminary swimsuit award.

She will now get the chance to compete for the title of Miss America at the pageant in Las Vegas in January.

Good luck in the upcoming Miss America pageant.

Click (here) for the article on Miss Zitka's win.

Click (here) to go to the Miss Massachusetts website.

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4 Response to "Congrats to Alicia Zitka - Miss Massachusetts 2008"

  1. Will Said,

    Is this really all that MA has to offer? No offense to Zitka, but if we're facing the forces of FL & CA..god we don't stand a chance.

    Posted on 6/30/08, 1:44 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Will: Why don't you visit the Miss MA website ( and you'll see some other photos of Alicia and learn more about her and understand why we don't worry about FL and CA!

    Posted on 7/1/08, 11:12 AM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Yeah well compared to Miss Connecticut (that's where I live) I think Miss MA is absolutely gorgeous.

    And one day she'll make one lucky man (or woman) very happy when they get to wake up next to her each day.

    Personally, I wish it was me.

    comments, concerns? write me...

    Posted on 12/17/08, 8:28 AM

  4. Anonymous Said,

    i went to high school with her boyfriend. awesome kid but a complete goofball...cant believe he has sex with her and im single.

    Posted on 10/27/09, 3:59 PM


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