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According to the Globe, The Surrogates (and Bruce Willis) will be in Lynn today.

Lynn residents may want to keep an eye out for Bruce Willis. We're told the cast and crew of "The Surrogates" are setting up shop today at LynnArts Community Arts Center on Exchange Street. Willis, the star of the sci-fi thriller, has kept a very low profile during the film shoot. Unlike virtually every other Hollywood actor now working in Boston, Demi Moore's ex isn't routinely photographed at Celtics or Sox games.

Not routinely at Celtics games? But he must go at least occasionally (here).

Click (here) for the blurb.

Also, reader gjblass reported the following in his comment:

Bruce, will be filming in Lynn tomorrow May 30, off of Union Street, on Willow. I live in the building where they are filming.

So there's a couple of locations for you guys to check out in Lynn.

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