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Salma Hayek @ ICA - 5/12

5/13/2008 10:51:00 AM
Many thanks to Reader MS9 for leaving a comment and reporting back on Salma Hayek's appearance at the ICA to christen the new Puma Racing Boat - the Il Mostro (here).

Here's what the Globe had to say about the event:

Leaving little time for anything but smashing a bottle of Taittingers to christen Puma's new racing boat the Il Mostro, actress Salma Hayek breezed into town yesterday to help the Boston-based shoe and apparel company launch the vessel's racing season. But it wasn't easy. Hayek, who is engaged to Francois-Henri Pinault, CEO of the French conglomerate PPR, parent company of Puma and Gucci, needed five tries - and the help of crew member Jerry Kirby of Newport, R.I., on the final attempt - to break the bottle. "I hope I didn't break the boat," said the "Frida" actress and "Ugly Betty" producer, who made the day-trip to Boston alone to give the black, white, and red vessel a proper send-off while it was docked behind the Institute of Contemporary Art. (Puma threw a swank party for 300 guests in the ICA afterward.) Skipper Ken Read and his crew will compete in the round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race.

Click (here) for the Globe Blurb.

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2 Response to "Salma Hayek @ ICA - 5/12"

  1. MS9 Said,

    oops, forgot to say that the event was catered by Wolfgang Puck Catering, as i could see the trucks there.

    Posted on 5/13/08, 8:11 PM

  2. MS9 Said,

    well i hardly deserve thanks for writing just that :), and i even got the hammer thing wrong. it was really her smashing a bottle at the tip of the boat, but from a distance it was hard to see. anyway, let me write a little more then.

    so the dinner and party seemed to be mostly before the christening. guests started arriving about 6 pm and gradually onward. salma didn't get there until like 8:15 pm, arriving in the front. i saw her and called for her, and she looked towards me, but then they quickly rushed her in through a private entrance. i guess they were running a little late. and her baby Valentina was not with her, and that can be understood of course. i know she flew across the country with her baby, as some LA paparazzi caught them at the airport supposedly heading to Boston (see for photos and more details).

    so this was a private event, i mean the dinner and party, but anyone could easily have watched the christening from anywhere that had a view of the water out in back of the museum. so she walked down the dock passing a line of many standing men, i think probably sailors. then she made her official christening lines into a microphone and attempted to break the bottle, while the whole thing was filmed by cameras on huge cranes. afterwards she came back inside, did a quick press conference, got a private viewing of some Puma items in the front area of the museum, then left back out the front, although the main corner door this time. she was then shuttled away, having stayed at the event for about an hour.

    but just before she left, i was able to get close enough (this time) to ask her to sign a photo of her, and she was more than happy. i'm an autograph collector, and i've had this photo waiting for her for like 10 years now, in the hopes i could someday get the chance to meet her. at first she complained that the photo was "too old", that she didn't like it, and that she wasn't going to sign it. she then asked me to pull out another one instead, but i didn't have any more (oh no!), so simply told her, "but this is the only one i have". she then graciously signed it anyway :), saying "this one is like 10 years old, y'know, you need to get some updated ones" in a funny kind of way. i then responded in the positive, "well that's how long i've liked you for!".

    ok, that's better. and i wanted to say that i think beantownbloggery is the best blog so far i've seen in boston, and i just voted for you in blogtoplist. so kudos to GS for making it happen. very clearly written entries, organized well, and about relevant topics. so yep, please keep the celebrity news coming! :).

    Posted on 5/14/08, 5:01 PM


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