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Who needs Perez Hilton, when all I really need is the "Names" section of the Boston Globe. Here's the latest rumor involving the quarterback and the supermodel:

We're not buying those rumors of wedding bells, but something's up with Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. We're told the Pats QB and his Brazilian beauty are planning a big - and we mean big - party at the supermodel's surfside Costa Rican compound next month. Word is both Brady and Bundchen's families will be there. Hmm.

Who's got a theory on what they could be celebrating if it's not a wedding? Next month would be June ... which is a month too early for Gisele's birthday (July 20th). What other type of celebration would call for flying in both sets of families?

Click (here) for the Globe Blurb and scroll down.

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2 Response to "Rumor: Tom Brady & Gisele Plan A Party?"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Gisele's twin sister Patricia let the cat of of the bag. They are in fact getting married in early June!!! I am happy for them. I hope they have alot of kiddies to take away from the hurt in Tom not being a Daddy to his son with the other girl. She really has not let him have his quality time with the little guy.

    Posted on 5/13/08, 1:27 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    they are getting married on june 8...duh!

    Posted on 5/30/08, 3:56 PM


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