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Reservations at No 9 Park Cafe - 6/2

5/29/2008 10:14:00 AM
This tip off couldn't have have come at a better time. I just walked past No 9 Park last night and was thinking to myself that I really need to get in there sometime. I love one of Barbara Lynch's other restaurants - B&G Oysters. I went there almost weekly when I lived in the South End. Shoutout to Tara @ B&G who who was always awesome whenever I went.

Anyhoo, this just in from one of the Blogger Readers:
no.9 park with its infamous gnocchis is finally going to start taking reservations for their cafe section of the restaurant, which has the prix fixe menu. reservations will start next monday. the maitre d' is Joe Witherell - call/email him for reservations 617.742.9991 or no more waiting in line for their truffled gnocchi with maine lobsters!

First off, apologies to Joe - you're probably going to be inundated with calls and emails now. And secondly - truffled gnocci with lobster?!? Wow, I know where I'm eating dinner the next time I go out.

Well, maybe the next, next time - cause up next on the docket is KO Prime tomorrow. Yum.

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