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New Restaurants Coming Soon

5/27/2008 11:31:00 AM
The Improper Bostonian had a short article recently about some of the new restaurants that are in development. The first they mentioned was Stoddard's (opened by the owners of Ivy) - this one is old news, I blogged about it in early April (here).

Next up, renovations are going on at the Greenhouse Coffee Shop (which was one of the only reasons I used to go Harvard Square) the space is being leased by the folks that run Miracle of Science (near MIT) and according to rumors they are planning something "unlike anything they have have on their plate."

And lastly, it's being said that the owners of Bukowski's Tavern are in plans to open twho new restaurants: once next to Bukowski's in Cambridge and one in the South End.

I'm interested to see what these new restaurants are, cause you know me - I love food.

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