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If you had to make a bet, how many movies do you think they'll film in Boston before 2008 is over? 15? 20? It was just announced that scouts are now looking for a location for a new movie about Paul Revere.

Robin Dawson, former head of the Massachusetts Film Office, will be one of the producers of "The Ride," a feature film about the famous ride of Paul Revere.

The director, Brian Ide, and other crew members were in Greater Boston recently to scout areas for filming. "The goal is to shoot in Massachusetts," said Dawson, who mentioned Concord and Lexington as areas of interest. "We have to make the numbers work."

The article says that they're considering other states. Come on guys. Of all the movies that we are getting in Boston don't you think it'd be nice to keep a little bit of the history going? After all, Paul Revere's ride was from Boston to Lexington. How about a little historical accuracy? No one wants to see him riding through the hills of Vermont to warn about the British.

Click (here) to read the article in the Boston Business Journal

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