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More Movies = More Demand For Extras

5/11/2008 09:10:00 PM
Good news for all of the folks out there that have been trying to break into showbiz via gigs as extras in all the movies that are being shot locally. A cover story in the Movies section of the Globe today has basically confirmed that all these movie filmings have increased demand for extras substantially.

All of those projects require extras. In the case of "Mall Cop," Boston Casting's Angela Peri has been signing up as many as 250 new extras a day to fill out scenes in food courts and stores. (Filming has moved from the Burlington Mall to the South Shore Plaza, so she'll have to create a whole new pool to draw from.

"I've had some of my savvy extras, as I call them, the regulars, turn me down because they are booked," said Peri. "You could make a full-time job out of extras work now and it's been a long time in coming.

That's pretty good news for all the aspiring actors. The ability to make a full-time job out of extra work seems like it would be a pretty big deal. And how's the quality of the extras here in New England?

"Two films, 'The Proposal' and 'This Side of the Truth' have told us that our pool of background actors is the best they've worked with on either the East Coast or the West Coast," she said.

Mad props to all of extras out there. Many of you have been kind enough to swing by the Bloggery and leave comments. They're much appreciated. And Congrats to all of you!

Click (here) to read the Globe article.

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