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More Ben Mezrich Movies on the Way

5/05/2008 11:12:00 AM
I still haven't seen it, but I will eventually (maybe when it's out on video). 21, the movie version of Ben Mezrich's book "Bringing Down the House" has brought in $100 million dollars so far.

As a result, folks are now looking to turn some of his other books into movies as well.

Emboldened by the box-office success of "21," billionaire Mark Cuban has bought the film rights to two more Ben Mezrich books. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks has optioned the Boston author's "Ugly Americans" and the forthcoming "Q," a novel about America's real but rarely discussed quarantine laws. Slated to produce both projects are Dana Brunetti and Kevin Spacey, the pair behind the big-screen version of Mezrich's bestseller "Bringing Down the House." Mezrich, who's writing the screenplay for "Ugly Americans," told us that Hollywood's heavy breathing is understandable considering that "21" has so far made more than $100 million worldwide. "I'm gonna ride this train as far as it goes," said Mezrich. Or at least to the bank.

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

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