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Harvard Bookstore for Sale

5/28/2008 09:56:00 AM
The front cover of the Business section of the Globe today has an article about how the owner of the Harvard Bookstore is putting it up for sale. That place is an institution. Why is he selling? "...because I've been doing it for 46 years and it's time to move on to something new in my life."

Makes sense to me. Time to retire and enjoy life. He is committed though to sell to someone that will continue on with the bookstore. Here's a little history on the Harvard Bookstore:

His father, Mark Kramer, founded the store on what is now John F. Kennedy Street, mainly to sell used books, later expanding into academic books - not textbooks - but intellectual works that would be assigned by college professors. Later the store moved to its present location on Massachusetts Avenue at Plympton Street. Frank Kramer later expanded it into a general bookstore. In recent years, as other bookstores have failed, Harvard Book Store has become a destination for tourists visiting Harvard Square and the university.

I've purchased a number of books from the Harvard Book Store over the years - it's a great place. Good luck to Mr. Kramer. I hope things go well for you and that you enjoy your retirement once the store is sold.

Click (here) to read the rest of the article.

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