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A new book coming out today (May 1) called "Dream Destinations" is a compilation of the world's best vacation spots and two of them are MA destinations: Lenox, MA and The Freedom Trail.

Lenox, the site of Tanglewood, summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, is mentioned as a top destination in the "Culture Vultures" category along with Giverny, France.

The publication recommends history buffs explore Boston's Freedom Trail. It also touts Captain Cook's Polynesia and the Greek island of Crete in the history category.

I dunno about you but Captain Cook's Polynesia and Crete sound like a whole lot more fun. I've done the Freedom Trail - I wasn't that impressed - but then again I'm not a history buff.

Click (here) to pick up a copy of the book. It looks like it'll probably have some pretty pictures in it.

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