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Bye Bye Dainty Dot Building

5/07/2008 12:33:00 PM
Well it looks like the developer and the city have reached an agreement on what's going to happen to the Dainty Dot building in Chinatown. There were some objections to the original plan where critics didn't want such a tall building to be built.

Anyway, an agreement was reached yesterday to lower the overall height of the building but a consequence of this agreement is that they're now going to be tearing down the original and starting from scratch. The original proposal involved saving part of the original building and adding on to it.

A compromise reached between City Hall and developers of a planned 299-foot-tall residential tower in Chinatown will reduce the height by 34 feet, but means elimination of the revered Dainty Dot building on the site.

The planned glass tower near Essex Street and Surface Artery, proposed by developer Ori Ron, has split the Chinatown and neighboring Leather District communities.

Click (here) to read the original Globe aricle.

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2 Response to "Bye Bye Dainty Dot Building"

  1. Rhea Said,

    That just sucks. I just hope someone has the foresight to save the brilliant lettering that spells out Dainty Dot.

    Posted on 5/7/08, 1:24 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    You can bet the quality of the new construction will be a vast improvement over the 19th century building - NOT.

    Posted on 5/7/08, 8:11 PM


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