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For those of you that actually have to dress up for work everyday (thank goodness I work in an office alone most of the time when I'm not traveling) you might want to stock up on some shirts this weekend.

Brooks Brothers is doing their Friends and Family weekend starting today 5/8 through Monday 5/12. I swear, my old roommate used to pretty much own that entire store in his wardrobe.

He had a lot of good things to say, though, about those non-iron shirts that they have there. Which would be good for all you guys there that don't know how to work an iron. Or you could always do what I did and buy one of those garment steamers. Wayyyyyy easier to use than an iron.

Click (here) for a link to the coupon or use codes: Enter code friend51 at online checkout, or mention friend51 on phone orders.

This special shopping offer is available at all U.S. Retail, Factory, “346” Brooks Brothers, Brooks Brothers Country Club and Airport Stores.

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