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Britney Spears Coming to Boston?

5/19/2008 12:31:00 PM
About three weeks ago, I blogged about how Mel Gibson is going to be in town around the August time frame to film his new movie "Edge of Darkness" (here). Well, things just got a little bit more interesting.

Apparently, Mel Gibson is looking to cast Britney Spears in his new movie. I was a big fan of hers in the past before she you know, kinda went crazy, and would love if she were to come to Boston. I enjoyed seeing her on those two recent episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and think that if she's trying to start over and turn over a new leaf, then good for her.

Is Boston ready for Britney Spears? Mel Gibson is helping Spears resuscitate her career, and word is he wants to cast the pop star in his next film, "Edge of Darkness," which is due to shoot in Boston later this summer. Britney is currently vacationing with Gibson and his wife, Robyn, at the "Braveheart" actor's surfside ranch in Costa Rica. Based on a 1985 miniseries, "Edge of Darkness" follows a police investigator whose activist daughter is killed in mysterious circumstances. It's being produced by Graham King and written by William Monahan, who last worked together on "The Departed."

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

Click (here) for a few more pics of Britney on vacation.

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1 Response to "Britney Spears Coming to Boston?"

  1. yaguara2003 Said,

    HA! Spears coming to boston.

    As if the driving around here wasn't bad enough :P

    Posted on 5/27/08, 2:48 AM


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