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The debacle is dragging on, but at least it seems that it won't be as bad as the Globe had previously reported (here). Based on a Globe article yesterday, 300 of the 410 establishments that had their gas service restored.

The utility said earlier in the week all customers should be back in service by today, but said yesterday that portions of the Financial District would remain out until tomorrow. One large customer, the 400-unit Devonshire high-rise apartments, has had service restored, but the Hilton hotel in the Financial District had not.

Several of my friends that work in the Financial District were telling me about how none of their usual lunch spots were able to open for lunch. Well, here's the solution. A PR-type company has launched a website to allow the affected restaurants to keep customers abreast of their situation

Click (here) to go to FIDO Boston and see if you're favorite lunch spot is up and running again.

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