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Will We Lose Movies to NY?

4/15/2008 02:04:00 PM
Looks like New York is getting a bit jealous. First it was baseball, now they're getting upset that we're stealing all their movies. As a result, they're firing back with their own tax incentives.

Envious of the Hub's improved relationship with Hollywood, New York Governor David Paterson is about to approve a budget that includes tax credits for filmmakers that are even more generous than the ones approved by Bay State lawmakers last year. While moviemakers are eligible for tax credits worth up to 25 percent of their payroll and production costs in Massachusetts, New York would give back 30 percent.

Hopefully just being off by 5% makes us still competitive - it'd be a shame to see all the celebrities and filming disappear from Boston now that NY is lowering the limbo stick.

What do you guys think? Click (here) to read the article in today's Globe.

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3 Response to "Will We Lose Movies to NY?"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    They will be filming something on the 17th on Huntington Ave between Dartmouth and Clarendon. Is it still Huntington Ave or Stuart? Anyway, it will be there. No parking!

    Posted on 4/15/08, 10:59 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    It's the same thing with LA vs. Vancouver... but New England's film community is very strong and will survive.

    Posted on 4/16/08, 5:01 AM

  3. Nick P. Said,

    My guess is that Massachussets doesn't suffer from the State of NY's recent actions. The reason being that the 5% difference in payroll deductions would be more than offset by the difference in the cost of everything else. Other non-payroll expenses are way more than 5% greater in NY than they are in Boston area.

    Posted on 4/16/08, 12:53 PM


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