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Reader Experience - Bride Wars

4/16/2008 10:31:00 AM
Just thought I'd post an email from Bloggery Reader Tory, who was kind enough to fill me in on her Bride Wars experience.

Hello! Just to update you a bit since you were gone! They have been filming the movie Bride Wars starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway in the city for a little over a week. My friend cued me in on the set being near Newbury and so I sat on a bench near the trailers in the Public Gardens for about two hours last Monday. I was fortunate to see Anne Hathaway and have a lovely conversation with her as well as an autograph. She was so nice and down-to-earth. I also spotted Kate Hudson, and she has been seen with her son eating at The Paramount as well as Pizzeria Regina in the North End. They have also been shooting a lot of scenes with them jogging. Also, when I took a walk around the set near Newbury last week, they were closing down the set and lined all along the street were New York City taxis- I'm guessing the residence they were filming outside of is going to be portrayed as being in New York City instead of Boston :( I hope they don't do that with all of the movie! Show some Boston pride! Thanks so much, and I read your blog everyday!

It's just another sign that if NY has more tax rebates, there's a good chance that we'll lose a lot of our movies. It'll be cheaper to film NYC in NYC as opposed to filming in Boston and pretending it's NYC.

To Tory - Thanks very much for your email.

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