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This makes me really sad. The world is going down the toilet and it's doing it quite fast. A new business that apparently has been springing up all over the country has come to Boston - and it's called: Your Paparazzi For Hire.

For a mere $499, one can be hunted down by a pack of four Your Paparazzi for Hire photographers who will be riveted on you for a full 30 minutes. Up the ante to $2,479 - the premium “Star” package - and the wannabe celeb, accompanied by a body guard, will be able to step out of a limo to be hounded for two hours by six paparazzi whose questions will be fielded by the “star’s” personal publicist.

Tell you what, for a "mere" $249 bucks, I'll punch you in the face and explain in detail how I just saved you at least $250 dollars.

Or as one of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes strips denoted - and unfortunately I couldn't find the entire strip online so I'll just hafta describe it.

Hobbes: 'How's business?'
Calvin [Sitting at a box that offers 'A swift kick in the butt, $1.00']: 'Terrible.'
Hobbes: 'That's hard to believe'
Calvin: 'I can't understand it, everybody I know needs what I'm selling!'

Click (here) to read the original Herald article.

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1 Response to "Personal Paparazzi - Vanity At Its Best"

  1. Will Said,

    can we get a piece of that action by blogging for the wanna be celebrity?

    I'll tack that on the marker board of business ideas.

    Posted on 4/8/08, 10:04 AM


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