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The Globe reported today that Mel Gibson will be coming to Boston in August to film "Edge of Darkness" based on a 1985 police miniseries.

I read about this project earlier in one of those gossip magazines (here) but didn't realize that they're going to be filming in Boston. Yay for tax credits.

Mel Gibson will be in Boston in August to begin filming "Edge of Darkness," the Oscar winner's first starring role in a movie since 2002. People working with the flick's financing producer, Graham King, have been in the area scouting for locations and crew to begin working on the film. "Edge of Darkness" also reunites Boston scribe William Monahan and King, who both won Oscars for their work on Martin Scorsese's "The Departed." Based on a 1985 miniseries, "Edge of Darkness" follows a by-the-book police investigator whose activist daughter is killed under mysterious circumstances.

Hopefully this means all of you out there that have been trying to make it as an extra on one of the many projects here will get another chance. I'll keep my eye out for any casting calls and let you guys know as August approaches.

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

5/19/08 - Rumor has it that Mel Gibson wants to cast Britney Spears in the movie (here).

7/21/08 - A Roslindale couple who own a building there have turned down a proposal to use their site in the film because of the movie's affiliation with Mel Gibson (here).

7/31/08 - The Edge of Darkness casting call will be held on 8/2 (here).

8/4/08 - Feedback from the EoD casting call and news that Robert De Niro may be joining the cast (here)

8/27/08 - EoD is filming in the South End near Boston Medical Center (here)

9/5/08 - Robert De Niro has reportedly quit the movie (here)

9/8/08 - Pics from EoD's shoot in Boston Common (here)

9/9/08 - Something from one of my Antique Mall Booths was purchased to be used as a movie prop (here)

9/11/08 - Plans to film in Framingham have been scrapped (here)

9/11/08 - EoD call sign spotted in Seaport District (here)

9/15/08 - Why Robert De Niro May Have Left (here)

9/29/08 - Ray Winstone Replaces Robert De Niro (here)

10/1/08 - EoD films in Mt. Auburn Cemetary (here)

10/2/08 - EoD films in Northampton (here)

10/10/08 - NH Gazette EoD Photo Contest (here)

10/13/08 - EoD Film Schedule for 10/13-10/17 (here)

10/21/08 - EoD Film Schedule for 10/21-10/24 (here)

10/30/08 - EoD Film Site in Back Bay (here)

10/31/08 - EoD Film Site Confirmation (here)

11/5/08 - EoD Filming on Rutherford Ave (here)

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63 Response to "Mel Gibson Filming in Boston in August"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Please somebody...update us as to casting details!!??

    Posted on 6/26/08, 3:05 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    A couple refused to let them film in their building because gibson was involved. Good for them.

    Posted on 7/22/08, 7:38 PM

  3. Hungry Martha Said,

    FYI I work at 101 Federal in the financial district and we got a no parking memo from building management because they will be filming on Federal St. on Saturday, August 2nd.

    Posted on 7/31/08, 2:49 PM

  4. Anonymous Said,

    I went today to the casting call and I just got through the line just in time. It started pouring buckets 2 seconds later. There were tons of people but they said they would be using 3000 people so I am sure almost everyone will snag some part. They said Martin Campbell will be selecting many of the extras personally. They also asked if we played Golf and what car we drive.

    Posted on 8/2/08, 5:41 PM

  5. Anonymous Said,

    Mel Gibson was at the cast/crew party last night at the bar Good Life in the Financial district where there was an open bar. He was mingling with the crowd like it was no big deal. However, the party didn't pick up until after Mel left sometime after 12.

    They are looking for precision drivers for the 18th if there are any stunt drivers out there.

    Posted on 8/16/08, 9:23 AM

  6. Anonymous Said,

    I heard a rumor that they were filming in Roslindale on Friday, but could not get any more info. Can anyone confirm this andif so, where?

    Posted on 8/16/08, 10:19 AM

  7. Anonymous Said,

    Yes they were filming in Roslindale
    check it out on this link

    Posted on 8/16/08, 8:07 PM

  8. Anonymous Said,

    But it does not say where?

    Posted on 8/18/08, 3:31 PM

  9. Nicole Neuman Said,

    I work in Chinatown and noticed that there is filming going on at Jacob Wirth's today. Any relation? Or different film?l

    Posted on 8/20/08, 11:12 AM

  10. Anonymous Said,

    They are prepping a set on the West Side of South Boston as I write this...

    Posted on 8/20/08, 1:57 PM

  11. Anonymous Said,

    If can provide a more specific location (street address, business name, landmark, intersection, etc), it would help. Thanks.

    Posted on 8/20/08, 10:17 PM

  12. Anonymous Said,

    Think this film is being shot in the south end today on albany st at boston medical center, 2 blocks were closed off for craft services... cast parking signs etc. EOD signs.

    Posted on 8/26/08, 5:16 AM

  13. Anonymous Said,

    There is something filming on Albany Street in South End between Mass Avenue and the Flower Markets... They have set up Canteens, area for extras, etc...
    August 26th.

    Posted on 8/26/08, 2:25 PM

  14. Anonymous Said,

    I live on Harrison Ave and was wondering what all the EOD signs meant. They're filming all around Boston Medical Center: Harrison Ave and Albany St between Brookline St and Mass Ave.

    Posted on 8/26/08, 8:21 PM

  15. Anonymous Said,

    They are filming at 670 Albany Street, 8th floor.

    Posted on 8/27/08, 9:03 AM

  16. Anonymous Said,

    They were in Chelsea last week.

    Posted on 8/27/08, 11:24 AM

  17. Anonymous Said,

    Today they are filming at the Crosstown Parking garage on Melnea Cass Highway located near Boston Medical Center.

    Posted on 8/29/08, 7:33 AM

  18. Anonymous Said,

    they were at the crosstown parking garage yesterday and today - right across from the hampton inn on Mass. Ave.

    Posted on 8/29/08, 10:42 PM

  19. Anonymous Said,

    Latest sighting was at a golf course in Lynn today.

    Posted on 9/2/08, 11:51 PM

  20. Anonymous Said,

    Deniro's already left the movie:

    Posted on 9/4/08, 10:37 PM

  21. Unknown Said,

    Just found this article on a yahoo website.....

    By ani
    Friday Sep 5 2:06 PM
    Washington, Sept 5 (ANI): Robert De Niro has quit Martin Campbell-directed drama 'Edge of Darkness' due to "creative differences."

    The movie's shooting started less than a month ago - and the actor announced leaving the project just days after arriving on the set in Massachusetts.

    "Sometimes things don't work out; it's called creative differences," Variety quoted a spokesman for the actor, as saying.

    De Niro had signed to play an operative sent to clean up the evidence in the murder of a young woman.

    Mel Gibson stars as the victim's father, a homicide detective for the Boston Police Dept. who uncovers her secret life, a corporate cover-up and government collusion.

    The movie is a revamp of a 1980s TV miniseries Campbell directed for the BBC.

    The filmmaker is now hunting for a replacement for De Niro. (ANI)

    Posted on 9/5/08, 7:29 AM

  22. Anonymous Said,

    I saw them setting up to film in the Public Gardens this morning.

    Posted on 9/5/08, 7:56 AM

  23. Anonymous Said,

    EoD crew truck and golf cart spotted on Tremont Street near Temple Place this morning. No signs of the shoot, but they must be close by somewhere.

    Posted on 9/5/08, 9:19 AM

  24. Anonymous Said,

    They were in Chelsea this morning. On Webster Ave between Parkway Plaza and Summit Ave area. I'm not sure if they're sharing the building where the mattress store is or if they're actually in Parkway Plaza.

    I also saw them in the Public Gardens on the corner or Arlington and Beacon Streets. It looked like they were filming because there were a bunch of people looking like extras hanging around. There are cones completely surrounding the Public Gardens, too. Don't worry, the ice cream truck that's a fixture on the corner of Arlington and Boyelston is still there.

    Posted on 9/5/08, 2:35 PM

  25. Anonymous Said,

    They were filming in South Station today (9/6). I saw Gibson and tried to take a photo of him. The lighting was so bright that the picture did not come out at all.

    Posted on 9/6/08, 7:01 PM

  26. Anonymous Said,

    I heard a rumor that they are going to be filming at west 5th and f in southie. drove by tonight and there are no p arking signs and crews doing something.

    Posted on 9/7/08, 7:11 PM

  27. Anonymous Said,

    I drove by about a half hour ago and they are filming on W 5th St.

    Posted on 9/8/08, 6:09 PM

  28. Anonymous Said,

    I waited around and saw Mel Gibson after a few takes and also when he was leaving the set on West 5th Street in Southie. I talked to a crew guy and he said they will be filming in/around Boston until around Thanksgiving!! :-)

    Posted on 9/9/08, 7:13 PM

  29. Anonymous Said,

    I can tell you for a fact that from september 15 (today) to september 18 he is in the puny little towns around where I live, Merrimac and West Newbury MA. Part of the road right down the street is closed and there are tons and tons of people and trailers and it's AWESOME.
    6 AM to 8 PM. I have to drive around it all on another route to get to school and back. The only reason I'm going to watch this movie is because part of it's being filmed down the road in my small small small town where NOTHING EVER happens!!!!

    Posted on 9/15/08, 3:42 PM

  30. Anonymous Said,

    EOD is filming on the NH border at this time and for the next few days, but Mr. Gibson is heading out tomorrow. Oh, and why would someone or anyone refuse Mr. Gibson access to their building...are thy God or something?

    Posted on 9/15/08, 8:20 PM

  31. Anonymous Said,

    In Merrimac, Ma along the Merrimac River from Sept 16th thru 19th the road is closed to shoot the car chase scene with the car ending up in the Merrimac River. They have set up camp across the River in West Newbury, Ma.

    Posted on 9/15/08, 8:56 PM

  32. Anonymous Said,

    I saw them just a few minutes ago - they're filming down the street from my house along the Merrimack River in Merrimac, MA. Road is closed and a boatload of trailers are set up as well as a set-up down the street for caterers, etc.

    I wasn't sure what was going on until I found this site because the only signs posted say "EOD Base Camp", etc.

    Posted on 9/16/08, 1:21 PM

  33. Anonymous Said,

    I went to the film site today in Merrimac, MA; but couldn't get very close because they were filming the car crash. I talked to the guy who replaced five windshields so far!

    Posted on 9/16/08, 3:27 PM

  34. Anonymous Said,

    mel gibson will be filming tomorrow in the Framingham service plaza...they didn't cancel it, just had to post-pone it because Robert de Niro backed out.

    Posted on 9/18/08, 2:05 PM

  35. Anonymous Said,

    The Framingham Service Plaza on the Mass Pike?

    Posted on 9/19/08, 8:55 PM

  36. Anonymous Said,

    he was there at the toll plaza. whole place was crazy.

    Posted on 9/20/08, 12:08 PM

  37. Anonymous Said,

    Drove by Framingham Service area on MassPike at about Noon today (9/20). No sign of a film crew.

    Posted on 9/20/08, 2:11 PM

  38. Anonymous Said,

    Filming in the Charlestown Navy Yard tonight - helicopter and all. 1st Ave and 16th St.

    Posted on 9/21/08, 11:07 PM

  39. Anonymous Said,

    I saw Mel Gibson 2 nights ago eating @ the Outback in Danvers.

    Posted on 9/26/08, 3:31 PM

  40. Anonymous Said,

    Car accident into Merrimac River expected to be filmed this week (if it already has not been):

    News Story

    Posted on 10/2/08, 7:03 PM

  41. Anonymous Said,

    If anyone sees Mel, tell him to come to "Fire Your Desire" to paint some pottery! in Acton, Mass. a very old fan of his from as far back as Mad Max works there, would love to meet him!

    Posted on 10/2/08, 8:47 PM

  42. Anonymous Said,

    The crew was filming today at O'Tully's Bar in Northampton as well as various other places around here.

    Posted on 10/6/08, 3:27 PM

  43. Anonymous Said,

    Filming in Northampton now. Completed filming in the Northampton Athletic Club all day today...Mel arrived at 4:30 pm!

    Posted on 10/6/08, 9:47 PM

  44. Anonymous Said,

    Saw the filming in Northampton today. How did you find out to sign up as extra's? Casting calls,etc..??? Where and how, Please!

    Posted on 10/7/08, 4:40 PM

  45. Anonymous Said,

    Filming on Hanscom Drive in Lincoln, for 2 - 3 days starting tonite.

    Posted on 10/11/08, 6:02 PM

  46. Anonymous Said,

    Here is the upcoming weeks shooting schedule...


    Filming will return to Gannon Golf Course in Lynn to finish exterior shooting as well as interior shooting of a doctors office in the clubhouse.


    Exterior filming in Boston at Carlton Wharf.


    Exterior filming at Atlantic Street South Station.

    Posted on 10/12/08, 10:21 AM

  47. Anonymous Said,

    there was a lot of traffic near the framingham plaza today at about 430 and looked to be a small film crew.

    Posted on 10/15/08, 5:41 PM

  48. Anonymous Said,

    At that same rest area right now

    Posted on 10/15/08, 6:17 PM

  49. Unknown Said,

    Major traffic jam yesterday on the Pike, filing there. also this morning in front of South Station, around 6:30am

    Posted on 10/16/08, 10:17 AM

  50. Laura James Photography Said,

    He is still in front of South Station filming right now 10:30

    Posted on 10/16/08, 10:22 AM

  51. Anonymous Said,

    Mel hosted a huge mid rap party at Coogans on milk st in the fancial district sat night

    Posted on 10/19/08, 11:41 PM

  52. Anonymous Said,

    Filming in East Boston on Marginal Street today 10/20....I snapped a few photos...when the security guy saw me I was asked to leave...must have thought I was a Paparazzi with the lens setup I was using since they let other people take photos with small cheap digital cameras....

    Posted on 10/20/08, 2:31 PM

  53. Anonymous Said,

    Big filming tonight at front of my house. It's the opening of the movie i guess where his daughter lives and is killed. Everything is set up and lloks like there is going to be lots of rain, all the trucks and water hoses are all over the place. Mel Gibson is going to be here tonight acting.


    Posted on 10/21/08, 3:54 PM

  54. Anonymous Said,

    He filmed at Foodies grocery store last night at 11pm on Washington Street in Boston's South End and today there is a film crew in front of a white brownstone on the corner of W. Canton and Montgomery in the South End. They seem to have some kids with them.

    Posted on 10/25/08, 12:41 PM

  55. Icarion Said,

    Hello owner of 68 Bradfield...I was wondering how they picked your house? Did you submit a picture of your house to some web site? Also, if you dont mind, what did they pay you? I live down the street near Fallon Field and went up there Fri Oct 24 on there last night os shooting and Mel came out to us bystanders to say hello. Great guy!

    Posted on 10/26/08, 12:57 PM

  56. Anonymous Said,

    any ideas what's going on on dartmouth street in back bay? crews have been filming since yesterday

    Posted on 10/29/08, 12:36 PM

  57. Anonymous Said,

    Maybe this is the same film that going on right now outside the State House? There's the brightest lights I've ever seen out there!!!

    Posted on 10/31/08, 8:13 PM

  58. Anonymous Said,

    We just got notice that Rutherford ave by community college will be closing down Wednesday and Thursday Nov 5 and 6 for filming. This is probably EoD.

    Posted on 11/4/08, 8:44 AM

  59. Anonymous Said,

    EofD found filming on Washington Street between Waltham Street and Union Park in front of Foodies Grocery Store. Looks like they were shooting a rain scene with a girl throwing up outside of a car.

    Posted on 11/15/08, 1:38 AM

  60. Anonymous Said,

    Wednesday night Mel was seen dining in The Cafe at Taj Boston with a high member of the Boston synagogue.... making amends, perhaps? or convincing a new filming site?

    Posted on 11/21/08, 11:32 AM

  61. Anonymous Said,

    Report are this has wrapped. Can anyone confirm?

    Posted on 11/26/08, 10:06 AM

  62. Anonymous Said,

    It's a wrap.....

    Here's a link to an online article.....

    Posted on 12/1/08, 10:04 AM

  63. Anonymous Said,

    Mel Gibson is human and what he has done, pales in comparrison to what goes on these days, inside and outside our government!
    You go Mel!!

    Posted on 3/22/09, 10:10 AM


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