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Lucky Star Also Has $1 Seats To NYC

4/07/2008 01:50:00 AM
Things are getting interesting. I read this article on Friday and Bloggery reader "sheirin i" confirmed that she was able to get tickets from Lucky Star for $3 round trip. Lucky Star is feeling the pressure from BoltBus and Megabus and is following suit.

Lucky Star, part of the family-owned Chinatown bus company Lucky River Transportation Inc., said it isn't sure how long it will be able to maintain this price war - especially with the rising cost of gas - but it's trying to hang on to customers.

Nothing like an old fashioned price war to destroy any profit margins that might exist. The same thing is happening in the LCD tv market. for those of you in the market for a flat screen tv - wait until May - prices are going to fall significantly then.

Anyhoo. If you're interested in reading about the progression of the Boston-NYC travel routes. I have a entry that compiles all of the links and news (here).

Click (here) to read the Globe article about Lucky Star's price drops.

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1 Response to "Lucky Star Also Has $1 Seats To NYC"

  1. JJ Said,

    Wow $3 round trip. About three months back I took Lucky Star and they charged me $20 from NYC to Boston. I think they were experimenting with changing the prices due to gas but then on the return trip 2 days later it was back to $15. very interesting.

    i go wayyy too much to Boston. time to wait for Boston to come to me =)

    Posted on 4/7/08, 4:46 PM


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