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Glass Shards In Your Beer

4/08/2008 04:28:00 AM
*Sigh*... just when I give someone props (here), something like this happens. Although, it isn't entirely Sam Adams' fault. It's mostly the bottle manufacturer's fault.

Boston Beer Co., the Boston brewer of Samuel Adams craft beers, said it is recalling an undetermined amount of beer because of defective bottles that may contain glass particles.

Only Samuel Adams beers in 12-ounce brown glass bottles are involved in the recall. Potentially dangerous bottles are embossed around the bottom with the code N35 followed by OI .

You can bet that whoever that "single manufacturing plant" is that messed up, they won't be supplying any bottles anymore. I deal with a lot of factories in my day job and usually when something like this happens (and I say usually because I don't know anything about this particular instance) it's because someone's skipping steps in order to cut costs and increase profit.

Maybe the bottles were defective but were sold anyway. Maybe a cleaning or inspection step was skipped and all these bottles with glass particles made it to the final production line. But then again, aren't the bottles washed/sterilized or anything before the brewery actually fills them with beer? Wouldn't that have washed out all the glass particles?

Click (here) to read the original article.

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