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I say "worse than expected" in the title because "wayyyyyyyyyyy worse than expected" wouldn't fit. Holy cow, when I first read about the gas line being flooded in the Financial District & North End the articles reported that it'd be fixed in a matter of days.

Now, a report today says:

Residents and businesses in the Financial District and parts of the North End could suffer sporadic failures of gas service through the spring and possibly into summer and beyond, because it will take months for utility crews to remove all water trapped in gas lines by a weekend water-main break, officials said.

Uhhh, that's insane. Not only are restaurants in the area unable to cook, but people who live in the area do not have heat or hot water.

At least one building that I know of that is affected is The Devonshire. I was there yesterday and they confirmed - no heat or hot water.

Not cool guys. How can an original estimate of a couple of days suddenly turn into a several months. Saying that the damage is worse than you thought is quite the understatement don't you think?

I'm moving into that area in a month and half and I expect to be able to take a hot shower.

Click (here) to read the Globe article for yourself.

UPDATE 4/30/08

The news just continues to get worse. Here's the latest from a Globe article today.

While the bulk of the water has been removed, the complicated process of removing the remaining pockets of water could stretch into winter, meaning that customers will see periodic disruptions of gas service for the rest of the year.

People are already bailing out of the area for lack of hot water, but the only saving grace is that it's warming up and we're in the midst of Spring. If these problems stretch into winter - people cannot survive without heat. Better start making contingency plans - that goes for tenants as well as landlords.

Click (here) for the latest globe article.

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