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I find this somewhat humorous. Everyone made such a big deal about Filene's basement leaving their famed Downtown Crossing site and now it looks like they're going to be coming back. A little more dressed up - but back in their original space.

Filene's Basement will move into One Franklin -- the redeveloped home of the original Filene's basement -- March 2009, confirmed John B. Hynes III, president and CEO of Gale International LLC, one of the owners and the developer of the building. The legendary mark-down retailer will occupy its original yet renovated three basement floors, said Hynes.

They're doing a pretty good job with the demolition right now. I can't wait to see how it turns out - especially since I'll be moving into the Downtown Crossing area soon. If you haven't ventured into the area lately, here's a rendition of what it's supposed to look like when it's done.

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3 Response to "Filene's Basement Back in Downtown Crossing"

  1. Will Said,

    I was down there this past weekend and I miss the old ghetto Filene's Basement.

    Something about old and grungy says "hidden bargains" to me.

    Posted on 4/11/08, 9:11 AM

  2. Cappy in Boston Said,

    The Downtown Crossing Association and the City of Boston has committed themselves to reinventing the area. They have said that they plan to remove the sidewalks om Washington St. Close it off completely to cars and put permanent kiosks down the street creating a clean,more festive outdoor pedestrian mall incorporating Winter, Temple and Bromfield streets into the new design. Keeping the street vendors around is a huge step in the right direction as well as cleaning up the entire area. It should remain an affordable and diverse area for everyone.

    Posted on 4/13/08, 1:44 PM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE Filene's Basement. And even downtown crossing. But speaking of ghetto...can we get rid of the gang bangers and the vultures waiting around for some poor tourist to get distracted enough for pocket picking.

    The place is ghetto central.

    And NOT talking race. White, black, latino, asian - whatever - TRASH IS TRASH.


    Posted on 4/20/08, 1:18 AM

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